Witch's Chess

The possible movements of the Figures

The Witch (Queen)

Hexe*** Bewegungen der Hexe ***The Witch can run alternatively diagonally (like the Brooms) or straight ahead (like the Towers).

The Raven (King)

Rabe*** Bewegungen des Raben ***The Raven can go straight ahead (like the Towers), but only exactly one field far. Thus, standing free in the middle of the board, he can go to the 6 neighboring fields.

Analogously to the conventional chess, there exists for the raven (king) the possibility of castling, i.e. to exchange the position with one of the towers through one single move. Like in the conventional chess castling is only possible, if both figures (tower and raven) have not previously been moved, and the field inbetween them is not threatened by the other party (respectively the two other parties in the three player version), and the field inbetween is not occupied by any figure.

The Brooms (bewitched Bishops)

Besen*** Bewegungen des Besen ***The Brooms (Bishops) can only move diagonally, which means that they always remain on fields of the same color. Their path can only be blocked by figures standing on fields of the same color.

The Bats (bewitched Knights)

Fledermaus*** Bewegungen der Fledermaus ***The Bats (Knights) can enter the fields surrounding a circle with a radius of two fields distance from the original position, excluding the fields reached by moving three steps forward. Thus, when positioned near the centre of the board, the bat can reach 12 fields. In contrast to other figures, the path of a bat cannot be blocked by
other figures.

The Towers

Turm*** Bewegungen des Turms ***The Towers (Rooks) can move forward in any of the six directions corresponding to the 6 neighboring fields.

TheToads (bewitched Pawns)

Kroete*** Bewegungen der Kroete *** The seven Toads (Pawns) can move exactly one field straight forward in the direction of the nine fields opposite to the corner (or the two sides) in which the own Raven (King) stands. However, they cannot move to a corresponding field if it is occupied by another figure. The pawns can hit, however, the figures occupying the fields that are situated on the left and right hand side of the field that is directly in front of the toad. There are no extra rules concerning this movement pattern, nor are there any exceptions to this movement pattern. However, as in the conventional chess game, it is possible to change pawns into other figures, when reaching one of the nine fields of the opposite side of the board.

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